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Exclusive: Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ – Sara A. Carter

A former Google insider claiming the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the DOJ’s Antri Trust division Friday. — Read on Advertisements


Google wants Trump to lose in 2020, former engineer for tech giant says: ‘That’s their agenda’ | Fox News

GOOGLE Admits Employees Are Listening To Your Private Conversations

Facebook’s Privacy Penalty – WSJ

FTC Approves About $5 Billion Fine for Facebook Over Privacy Violations: Report

Twitter admits it is Censoring our President – magAMedia


Zuckerberg’s new, cryptic cryptocurrency is terrifying

Why YouTube, currently under FTC probe, “could be a lot safer” for kids – CBS News

Liberal citizen journalist finds ‘thousands’ of fake Twitter accounts are boosting Biden – The American MirrorThe American Mirror

New Zealand Man Gets 21 Months In Prison For Sharing Mosque Shooting Video | Zero Hedge

There’s a Second Token: A Breakdown of Facebook’s Crypto Economy | CoinDesk

WATCH: Whistleblower: Pinterest Censors Conservative, Pro-Life Content; Pinterest Reacts | Daily Wire

YouTube is deleting videos on Nazi history as part of its hate speech crackdown – MIT Technology Review

YouTube’s purge of white supremacist videos also hits anti-racism channels – LA Times

On YouTube’s Digital Playground, an Open Gate for Pedophiles – The New York Times

Daily Beast Says Facebook Helped Them Dox Trump Supporter | Breitbart

Justice Department Is Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google – WSJ

Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed is now Twitter’s second largest shareholder, with larger stake than Jack Dorsey — Quartz

Rep Mark Meadows Questioning Twitter Rep

Feds Seized a Fortune From #Resistance Icons Accused of Boosting Online ‘Ponzi Schemes’


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