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Supreme Court Rules Muslims can’t use The Quran for Swearing into Federal Office › So Right it Hurts

In a huge victory for Christians everywhere. The Koran has been deemed an invalid and potentially illegal use of a “religious” manuscript. — Read on Advertisements


Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 55th Time, Refuse Care for Babies Born Alive |

Elijah Cummings’s Wife Hit With New Allegations Of Self-Dealing And Perjury In Updated IRS Complaint – The Daily Caller

House Democrats Think They Deserve a ‘Modest’ $4,500 Raise

Armed Mexican Troops Block Migrants At Southern Border After Tariff Talks Tank

Feinstein’s Husband Co. to Bag $1 Billion for Government Deal

House passes latest DREAM Act, hoping to place millions of immigrants on path to citizenship – CBS News

Federal Judge Hands Trump Huge Win, Rejects Pelosi’s Attempt To Block Border Wall – US Liberty Wire

Democrat-Led House Oversight Committee Moving to Hold AG Barr in Contempt Over Census Citizenship Question


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