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Saudi Citizen Sentenced to More Than 12 Years in Prison for Concealing Attendance at Al Qaeda Training Camp and Visa Fraud

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Federal Law Enforcement Action Involving Fraudulent Genetic Testing Results in Charges Against 35 Individuals Responsible for Over $2.1 Billion in Losses in One of the Largest Health Care Fraud Schemes Ever Charged

Archbishop of a Nevada City Spiritual Organization and Six Others Indicted in $8 Million Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

First Co-Defendant in Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Deed Theft Scheme Sentenced to Prison

Former Mortgage Broker Charged with Deed Fraud Scheme

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  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month October 1, 2019
    Held every October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online.
  • Operation reWired September 10, 2019
    The FBI worked with partner agencies domestically and in multiple countries around the world in a large-scale, coordinated effort to dismantle international business email compromise (BEC) schemes.
  • Safe Online Surfing Challenge Opens September 5, 2019
    The FBI’s Safe Online Surfing (SOS) Internet Challenge, which had record participation in 2018-2019, is reopening for the start of the new school year to help students navigate the web securely.
  • ICCS 2019 July 25, 2019
    FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed cyber threats—including foreign influence and foreign investment—as well as the Bureau’s cyber capabilities at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York.
  • Cyberstalker Sentenced June 10, 2019
    A man who conducted a relentless campaign of online harassment against a law school interviewer after not being accepted to the school is now serving a federal prison sentence.
  • 2018 IC3 Report Released April 22, 2019
    Statistics gathered by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) for 2018 show Internet-enabled theft, fraud, and exploitation remain pervasive and were responsible for a staggering $2.7 billion in financial losses last year.
  • The Melissa Virus March 25, 2019
    Two decades ago, computer viruses were still relatively new notions to most Americans, but the fast-moving and destructive Melissa virus changed that in a significant way and showed many the darker side of the web.
  • Addressing the Cyber Threat March 6, 2019
    At the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Director Christopher Wray discussed the FBI’s approach to combating cybercrime through expertise, technology, and partnerships.
  • Ransomware Abettor Sentenced December 6, 2018
    A man who profited from the ransomware known as Reveton, which appropriated the FBI logo to scare victims into paying to unlock computers infected with the malware, will be spending time in prison.
  • Ransomware Suspects Indicted November 28, 2018
    Two Iranian men were indicted in connection with the deployment of the sophisticated and sinister SamSam ransomware that crippled the operations of critical facilities in the U.S. and Canada.
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  • Samuel Little: Confessions of a Killer October 6, 2019
    The FBI is seeking the public’s help in identifying some of the victims of Samuel Little, who has been confirmed as the nation’s most prolific serial killer after confessing to 93 murders between 1970 and 2005.
  • The Killing Fields September 18, 2019
    The FBI and local police are seeking clues in the unsolved murders of four women whose bodies were discovered in a remote wooded field in a small Texas town between Houston and Galveston.
  • Laser Striker Sentenced August 26, 2019
    A Florida man is serving time in prison after pointing a laser at a police helicopter, which is a serious safety risk—to those in the air and on the ground—and a federal crime.
  • Fake Bail Bondsman Busted August 22, 2019
    An Ohio man who pretended to be a bail bondsman and law enforcement officer assaulted and kidnapped suspected bail jumpers—and is now serving time in prison.
  • New Top Ten Fugitive May 28, 2019
    Eugene Palmer, wanted for allegedly killing his daughter-in-law outside her home in Stony Point, New York, has been added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
  • Seeking Tips, Pursuing Justice May 13, 2019
    During Police Week, the FBI is intensifying its efforts to identify and arrest fugitives believed to be involved in the assault or murder of law enforcement officers.
  • New Top Ten Fugitive May 8, 2019
    Arnoldo Jimenez, an Illinois man wanted for allegedly murdering his new bride less than 24 hours after marrying her, has been named to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
  • International Kidnappings May 1, 2019
    On the rare occasion that an American is kidnapped and held overseas, an FBI-led network of experienced investigators, negotiators, and foreign liaisons are in place to assist.
  • Sexual Assault Kit Initiative April 2, 2019
    A nationwide push to test backlogged sexual assault kits is teaching law enforcement about the serial nature of many sexual offenders—and as we mark Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the findings offer important insights into the nation’s most underreported violent crime.
  • 2018 Preliminary Crime Statistics Released February 25, 2019
    According to the FBI's Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, both violent crime and property crime decreased in the first half of 2018 when compared to statistics from the first half of the previous year.
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  • Operation SaboTor March 26, 2019
    The Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement (J-CODE) team is delivering results through coordinated efforts and the commitment of the nation’s law enforcement agencies to address opioid sales on the Darknet.
  • Drug Trafficking August 23, 2018
    A West Virginia man already serving a 20-year federal prison term for his role in a drug distribution conspiracy received an additional 20 years for directing a second drug ring from behind bars.
  • $100 Million Pharmacy Fraud August 15, 2018
    A group of Florida scammers who set up pharmacies to bilk government and private insurance companies ended up writing themselves a prescription for prison time.
  • Indian Country Gang Dismantled August 10, 2018
    The violent Red Skin Kingz gang, led by a mother-son team on the Navajo Nation, has been dismantled and its leaders sent to prison thanks to an investigation by an FBI-led Safe Trails Task Force.
  • Justice for Murdered Witness July 30, 2018
    Twelve members of a violent gang operating in the Charlotte, North Carolina area have been sent to prison for their roles in the cold-blooded murders of a robbery witness and his wife.
  • International BEC Takedown June 11, 2018
    The FBI partnered with domestic and international law enforcement agencies on Operation WireWire, a large-scale, coordinated effort to dismantle business e-mail compromise schemes.
  • Gang Member Sentenced June 4, 2018
    Following a joint FBI/NYPD investigation, a member of a violent, drug-dealing street gang in New York was sentenced to 75 years in prison for the murder of a rival gang member.
  • Drug Trafficking/Gambling Ring Dismantled May 3, 2018
    A former California college athlete charged with running an international drug trafficking and illegal gambling organization was sentenced to more than 21 years in federal prison.
  • Operation Disarray April 3, 2018
    The nationwide law enforcement action was part of a recently launched DOJ initiative to disrupt the sale of opioids online and was the first operation of its kind to occur simultaneously in all 50 states.
  • Drug Ring Dismantled March 19, 2018
    Members of a violent drug trafficking organization will be spending decades behind bars thanks to the efforts of an FBI-led Safe Streets Task Force in North Carolina’s Triangle region.
  • Phantom Secure Takedown March 16, 2018
    Phantom Secure, an encrypted communication service that facilitated organized criminal activity and drug traffickers, has been shut down thanks to an international law enforcement effort.
  • Pill Mill Doctor Sentenced March 12, 2018
    A Detroit-area doctor, eventually stripped of his medical license, received prison time for his role in an illegal drug distribution operation and multi-million-dollar health care fraud scheme.
  • Heroin Ring Dismantled February 8, 2018
    A joint investigation by the FBI and its partners resulted in the takedown of a criminal drug trafficking organization responsible for transporting heroin into the Tampa Bay area.
  • International Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme January 19, 2018
    A businesswoman and a lawyer were recently sentenced to lengthy federal prison terms for their roles in an international fraud and money laundering conspiracy that defrauded dozens of victims.
  • Meth Ring Dismantled September 22, 2017
    An FBI-led task force in Idaho helped put 11 members of a drug ring behind bars—but the work to combat gangs and criminal networks that profit from dealing methamphetamine and other illicit drugs in the area continues.
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  • Stopping Public Corruption August 29, 2019
    A Dallas city councilman who accepted bribes in exchange for his vote in support of school bus stop-arm cameras is among those who have been convicted and sentenced in connection with a public corruption scheme.
  • Sentence Scammers Stopped February 22, 2019
    A group of fraudsters who stole more than $4 million from inmates’ families by falsely claiming they could buy sentence reductions are now serving their own prison terms.
  • Public Corruption February 19, 2019
    An Alabama state legislator, coal company executive, and lawyer have been sentenced for their roles in a bribery and public corruption scheme aimed at stopping environmental enforcement actions.
  • Public Corruption March 2, 2018
    A high-profile case involving a longtime board member of Houston Community College serves to raise awareness about unscrupulous officials who violate the public trust for personal gain.
  • Corruption on the Border December 22, 2016
    The FBI—in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security—is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of border corruption.
  • FBI Birmingham Announces Public Corruption Hotline December 8, 2016
    Birmingham SAC Roger C. Stanton announced a new initiative aimed to solicit the public’s help in combating fraud and corruption throughout north Alabama.
  • Milking the System November 29, 2016
    A former State Department employee working in Iraq was sentenced for using his authority to illegally steer $2 million in contracts for micro-dairies to his son's company.
  • Transportation Official Sentenced in Red-Light Camera Corruption Case November 3, 2016
    A former Chicago assistant transportation commissioner is serving a 10-year sentence for his role in a long-running corruption scheme involving the city’s red-light camera contracts.
  • Corruption Strikes Maryland Prison October 7, 2016
    Eighty defendants were charged in Baltimore in a racketeering conspiracy operating out of the Eastern Correctional Institute in Westover, Maryland.
  • U.S. Seeks to Recover $1 Billion in Largest Kleptocracy Case to Date July 20, 2016
    The U.S. government is seeking to recover more than $1 billion in assets tied to international public corruption and a global money laundering conspiracy.
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  • 2018 Crime Statistics Released September 30, 2019
    According to the FBI's annual Crime in the United States report, both violent crime and property crime decreased in 2018 when compared to statistics from the previous year.
  • Fingerprint Technology Helps Solve Cold Case September 13, 2019
    Advancements in fingerprint technology helped the FBI and state law enforcement partners find and bring to justice a man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young girl in Pennsylvania two decades ago.
  • LEOKA Report Released May 6, 2019
    A total of 106 officers were killed in the line of duty last year—an increase from 2017—according to the FBI's Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2018 report, released today.
  • 2018 Preliminary Crime Statistics Released February 25, 2019
    According to the FBI's Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, both violent crime and property crime decreased in the first half of 2018 when compared to statistics from the first half of the previous year.
  • 2017 NIBRS Crime Data Released December 10, 2018
    The FBI released information on more than 6 million criminal offenses submitted to its National Incident-Based Reporting System last year, as law enforcement continues transitioning to the more robust system.
  • 2017 Hate Crime Statistics Released November 13, 2018
    The number of hate crime incidents reported to the FBI increased about 17 percent in 2017 compared with the previous year, according to the latest annual Hate Crime Statistics report.
  • 2017 Crime Statistics Released September 24, 2018
    Both violent crime and property crime declined in 2017 when compared with 2016 data, according to the FBI’s annual Crime in the United States report.
  • 2017 Preliminary Semiannual Crime Stats Released January 23, 2018
    Preliminary crime statistics for the first half of 2017 show a decrease in overall crime when compared with the same time frame in 2016, according to the most recent Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report.
  • 2016 NIBRS Data Released December 11, 2017
    The FBI has released details on more than 6 million criminal offenses reported by law enforcement agencies around the country to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) in 2016.
  • 2016 Hate Crime Statistics November 13, 2017
    The FBI’s latest hate crime statistics report includes information detailing the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of 6,121 criminal incidents reported in 2016.