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Scientist suggests ‘eating human meat’ to tackle climate change | London Evening Standard

A Swedish scientist has suggested eating human flesh to tackle climate change at a Stockholm summit, according to reports. In the 1973 dystopian film Soylent Green, the world is so overpopulated that dead bodies are sold as food. But Swedish researcher Magnus Söderlund believes this could be a genuine solution to climate change and asserts […]


No, 3,000 People Didn’t Die in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria | The Political Insider

United States Settles with Southeastern Grocers to Reduce Ozone-Depleting Emissions at Grocery Stores in the Southeastern States

Ghislaine Maxwell shut down her ocean charity, the TerraMar Project – Business Insider

Japanese Fishing Company Convicted of Obstruction of Justice and Falsifying Records to Cover Up Illegal Oil and Garbage Pollution