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Washington state senator slammed for saying nurses ‘play cards’ for ‘considerable amount of the day’ Advertisements

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Holder: Any Competent Prosecutor Could Win Trump Obstruction Case

Eric Holder claims any “competent” prosecutor could make a successful obstruction case against President Trump based on the Mueller report.  — Read on

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Meet the mysterious Miami man tied to Trump Russia probe | Miami Herald

Maybe it was inevitable that the Trump Russia investigation would find its way to South Florida, like Watergate and other scandals. But it has, as embodied by one Henry Greenberg, a Russian expat with a strange and murky past. — Read on

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RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: Mueller report scandal no one is talking about . . . the Obama administration | Fox News

On Thursday, President Trump was once again completely and totally vindicated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report of his two-year investigation into the 2016 presidential election. — Read on

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Rob Reiner: Trump will Use Mueller Report to ‘Drive Stake Through the Heart of Democracy’

Hollywood director and left-wing activist Rob Reiner on Wednesday expressed concern over the Trump administration scheduled release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on now-debunk Trump-Russia collusion, suggesting it could spell the end for U.S. democracy.  — Read on