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Investigate Judge Jeff Moskowitz in Maine

Lori Handrahan started this petition to Elaine C. Duke

Judge Jeff Moskowitz is potentially engaged in document fraud by using his signature as a judge and his court-issued stamp on judgements that are fraudulent.

There has been a sustained public outcry in Maine about the corruption in Judge Jeff Moskowitz’s courtroom in Portland, Maine.

Authorities involved in oversight and accountability for Maine judges and crimes of public officials in Maine have refused to investigate Judge Moskowitz—no matter how many courtroom victims have come forward.

Most frequently, Judge Moskowitz targets women.

He appears to be a misogynist of meanest-kind, stripping mothers of their children and women of their wealth. In the courtroom, Judge Moskowitz appears to take pleasure in causing women to suffer, smiling when women cry out in pain and outrage at his illegal and brutal judgements.

Homeland Security says document fraud poses a threat to our national security and public safety; including human smuggling and trafficking, racketeering, money laundering, financial institution fraud and national security investigations.  Homeland Security created the Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force to target criminals and beneficiaries behind fraudulent schemes.

By many accounts, Judge Jeff Moskowitz in Portland, Maine is involved in document fraud.

Please join us in asking Homeland Security’s Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force to investigate Judge Moskowitz in Maine.


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Maurice Robison·1 year agoGovernment corruption needs to be severely reined in!

Laura Ritter·2 years agoI have watched the corruption in Maine for too long. Time to get rid of the corruption.